step1: eligibility
  step2: submit forms
  step3: process SAR
  step4: get award letter
  step5: view aid options
  step6: manage funds
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Financial Aid Notes

Aid Step 1: Eligibility Requirements

The first step in the Aid Process is to check if you are qualified. Determine whether you can apply for financial aid as an dependent or independent student.

Link to Aid Step 1 for qualification notes

Almost all financial aid begins with your filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form is required for all Federal Student Loans and many college aid programs, including some scholarships.

Link to Aid Step 2 for FAFSA information

The Government processes the FAFSA form based on the information you submitted and creates a student aid report showing the EFC. The Government then sends the SAR to the student's college of choice and the student's family.

Link to Aid Step 3 for information about the SAR

The College takes the SAR and based on cost of education, it creates a financial award letter that lists the aid the college will award the student. The difference between the cost and award given is the expected family contribution towards the cost of education.

The college will send the award letter to the student sometime in April or May.

View the award letter: Aid Step 4

Upon acceptance of the financial award letter, the student reviews the financial aid options awarded and any additional financial aid options that may be required.

Link to Aid Step 5 for available financial aid options




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