Manage Your Spend

— Use Pre-Paid as Your Money Card —

Students can avoid debt problems by using pre-paid credit cards to manage student funds:

  • budget your monthly spending amounts
  • avoid interest rate charges
  • avoid getting into credit and debt problems
  • manage your account online
  • build up your credit reporting history
  • use where credit cards are accepted
Student or parent gets a prepaid card for student's use in college (approval guaranteed). Student or parent adds spending money to the card.
Student uses card
to buy food, supplies, pizza, etc., at any merchant that accepts MC/VISA cards.
Student or parent can monitor pre-paid
account electronically
for budgeting purposes. Pre-paid cards can help maintain a spending budget.
Student or parent can reload the card with additional monthly spending funds as needed.
Using pre-paid credit cards protects the
student from accumulating credit card debt.
Students can use
pre-paid cards to build a credit history for future credit approval on auto loans, employment,
home mortgages, etc.

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